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Real-Life Emergency Inspires Emma To Learn First Aid 

Emma from Seaham View has successfully completed her first aid training after a real-life crisis inspired her to learn CPR. 

Kind-hearted Emma and her support workers witnessed people rushing to the aid of a person struggling with heart problems in town. 

In the moment, Emma wasn’t able to help, but she immediately decided she wanted to gain the skills that’d mean she could do her bit. 

So, she approached Swanton’s Practice Development Partner Kelly Richardson to ask if some training could be arranged. 

Kelly said: “I am so proud of Emma because she looked into learning first aid and came to ask me to set up the course entirely off her own back. 

“After witnessing the incident, her first thought was, ‘I would like to help somebody in the future.’ 

“To have that empathy and then to go out of her way to research just shows what an incredible person Emma is.” 

Kelly, who organises training for colleagues and people supported at Swanton, booked a first-aid session for Emma. 

During their morning together, Emma learned how to administer CPR, use a defibrillator, and contact the emergency services. 

She discovered the locations of the defibrillators in the local area and where Seaham View keep theirs in the service. 

Kelly added: “Emma was so excited the morning I arrived, and she worked so hard to understand everything I was teaching her. 

“When we completed the course, I handed her a certificate which she showed everyone. 

“What thrills me the most is how Emma did this all by herself – she found a goal and achieved it. 

“She’s already booked in to do fire marshall training and is keen to explore more. 

“This experience has empowered Emma, and I cannot wait to see where she goes with her new skills next.” 

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