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SCC Hull host Rainbow Bingo Pride party!


People supported at Swanton Care & Community Hull enjoyed an alfresco Pride Party complete with their own fabulous drag queen.  

SCC Hull’s Westbridge service hosted the event in their garden and invited everyone to join in the fun and support pride. There was a delicious BBQ and refreshments as flamboyant bingo caller Ms Big Jue Wells kicked off the games. Deputy Manager Liayle Morgan transformed into his drag alter ego with some help from his friends.  Liayle said:

“Ms Big Jue Wells takes no-nonsense because rainbow bingo is a serious business. She was there to hold court, call numbers and look fabulous. Everyone seemed to enjoy meeting her, and I was glad to have my colleagues help with make-up and costume. We were inspired by Cherry Valentine from Ru Paul’s Drag Race!” 

Swanton’s Pride event opened nationwide on Monday 6th June, with services marking this special month. The goal was to enjoy great activities and support pride by remembering the important message of inclusion and love that Pride represents. 

“It’s truly wonderful to see everyone united by Pride and the positivity it brings. Pride Month is all about joy, kindness and representation, and I hope we brought some of that magic to our party. The only tragedy was that Ms Big Jue Wells didn’t get a chance to lip-sync to Shania Twain’s ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’ because we ran out of time.”

Still, there’s always time for an encore next year!

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