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Stephen Lands Volunteer Job At Local Charity Shop

An exciting new chapter has started for Stephen at Lynwood Avenue after he got a job at a local charity shop.

On 7th November, Stephen attended his first-ever job interview at the Newcastle branch of Sense and got the role of volunteer assistant.

When he started his job the next day, Stephen was taught how to tidy and sort the clothes that had been donated to Sense.

He was commended for quickly picking up how to fold the garments and arrange them by size.

Deputy Home Manager Steph Fallowfield said that Stephen is now working one day a week with his new colleagues.

Steph said: “We’re so proud of Stephen for getting his first job at Sense.

“He is doing really well, and we love hearing his stories when he gets back from his shift.

“Stephen really likes helping to sort the clothes and making cups of tea for his workmates.

“It’s a terrific achievement, and he’s making a difference in a great charity.”

On his first day, Stephen worked so hard that his new boss let him finish early.

The team at Sense are impressed with how quickly Stephen is learning.

Steph adds: “It’s great to have such a supportive team helping Stephen in his first job.

“Volunteering in the community brings many different people together to do something good for others.

“It’s lovely that Stephen is a part of something so worthwhile.”

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