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Sue Smashes Her Walking Goals In Local Community

Congratulations are in order for Sue from Eastholme this spring after she did an awesome job of achieving her walking goals.

Sue, who moved into the service just a few months ago, has been making incredible progress by getting out and about in the local community.

She wanted to make going for walks in Seaham part of her daily routine, and with the support of Diane and Dean, she’s had plenty of adventures recently.

Her confidence has grown so much that she’s now asked to go out in her car and visit other parts of the area, which is music to her parents’ ears.

Eastholme’s Registered Manager, Terry Bayliss, said that Sue’s achievements have made him and the team very proud.

Terry said: “Sue has been absolutely crushing her goals this year.

“She’s embraced going for seaside walks, having picnics and getting out and about in her car.

“During a recent trip to the seaside, Sue had a lovely time spotting boats out at sea and even had a dance on the promenade too.

“It’s great to see her doing so well and having lots of fun.”

This goal is particularly meaningful for Sue’s parents as they hope Sue can work up to making visits to them soon.

Terry added: “Sue’s mum and dad live in Redcar, and they’d love her to travel to see them and enjoy some day trips together.

“The progress she’s made so far shows how committed Sue is to achieving that goal.

“We’re excited to see where her newfound confidence and love of adventure will take her next.”

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