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Swanton Volunteers help MP keep Dinnington tidy

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Care volunteers from Swanton’s Station House and St. Paul’s services joined their local MP to participate in a litter pick in Dinnington.

Conservative MP Alexander Stafford put out a call on Facebook for local people to join the effort after hearing two councillors were arranging the event. People supported at Station House and St. Pauls met with the politicians and other members of the community on Dinnington High Street to clean up the area.

Registered Manager Lisa Warren said the group enjoyed being part of such a worthwhile event and said:

“When we saw that Alexander was looking for volunteers, we knew we wanted to do our bit. It’s heartbreaking to see litter on our streets, so it was nice to be able to take action and keep Dinnington tidy! The people we support did an awesome job and picked up lots of litter, and they enjoyed taking part. Ben had such a good time that he’s asked to go along the next time the litter pick happens.”

According to MP Alexander, plans are afoot to make the sessions more regular. Alexander said:

“Thanks to the residents and shopkeepers who joined myself, Cllr Thomas Collingham and Cllr Sophie Dack for the litter pick. It was a great success, and I’ll be hosting a lot more in the future to clean up Rother Valley.”

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