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Thrilled Gordon Meets Singing Superstar Daniel O’Donnell!

A dream came true for music lover Gordon this summer when he met his hero, Daniel O’Donnell, after a special concert.

Gordon attended Daniel’s show in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens and got a shout-out from the stage.

The magical moment came about thanks to Support Worker Deb Norris, who wrote to Daniel’s management team at the start of the year to find out if he did mentions during his gigs.

Deb was delighted to hear that Daniel would happily say hello to Gordon from the stage and gave his team all the information they needed.

With the promise now in place, Deb and Gordon set off for Blackpool for the big night out.

Deb said: “It was a wonderful day full of excitement – and I couldn’t wait to see Gordon’s reaction when Daniel gave him a shout-out.

“We arrived in Blackpool for a mooch around before the show and treated ourselves to fish and chips before the gig.

“At the Winter Gardens, Gordon had a great time looking at the merchandise and buying some mementoes to take home.

“But the real treat came when Daniel said hello to Gordon!”

According to Deb, the moment was made extra special by the lovely reaction of fellow O’Donnell fans.

Deb added: “Gordon was so excited and overwhelmed when Daniel said his name, and all the ladies around started clapping for him!

“It was a lovely moment and so special. But there was another treat in store as we queued up afterwards to meet the man himself!

“Daniel posed for a picture with Gordon and made his day complete.

“It’s now on display in Gordon’s living room – and we sent his parents a copy too.”

The time and effort Deb put into giving Gordon such an amazing experience was not lost on Gordon’s parents.

They said: “Please thank Deb for the behind-the-scenes work she put in to enable Gordon to have a smashing time in Blackpool when he went to see Daniel O’Donnell.

“On his return home, he was full of what he had done with Deb. It just goes to show what can happen if you get the right support worker with the right client.”

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